i've been using this (^) above quote like a road map.

it keeps me in check with myself. it keeps me grounded and clear on what's important and what isn't. 
i keeps my sonar running. searching. drawing myself to those that keep my heart wide and safe. 

"i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow"

it has a lot to do with discernment.

i love this idea. i love this as a skill. as a tool we bring into our lives to better care for ourselves. 
to use discernment properly, we have to know ourselves. deep down. we have to be able to listen well. to hear what our body needs, to see how our breath is responding. and to appropriately provide the space or the salve. 

making the right choices.

owning our energy. owning our needs. owning what works and what doesn't. when something doesn't feel like a fair exchange. when we're searching and searching and searching and... ping. our sonar picks something up. we know. 

i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow. 
i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow.
i trust myself to know my self.
i trust myself to know my growth.
i trust myself to seek my growth.

trusting ourself to find that tribe. that community. those faces in the crowd whose thread of gold connects to ours. 


and here we are on the other side of February...
diving head first into the most watery season of them all. 
march is hyper-sensitive, hyper-emotional, hyper-porous. everything makes its way in. no feeling is left unfelt. our hearts are left unguarded. 

i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow.

give yourself permission to take it slow. 
to feel it out.
to make space and time for response and reaction.
be okay with saying no. not now. not today.
and also be okay with saying yes. 
with saying thank you.
i'm grateful for you.
i love you.
i'm sorry.
give praise where it feels right and good.
show with your actions and words how much your community means to you.
we're all feeling a little more cracked open, yes. 
sensitive, yes.
use that as an opportunity to make something FELT.
to make something FELT.
to make something F E L T.

and trust.
yourself above all else.

all of my love -- ALL OF IT.
morgan rose

to growth, beauty + strength


very little grows on jagged rock.
be grounded. be crumbled.
so wildflowers will come up
where you are.
you have been stony for too many years.
try something different.


today, take a moment to look around you. 
in the mirror.
at the sky.
out your window.
let your eyes close and breathe.

now see inside.

allow your awareness to drop into your heart.
your breath.
drops into you heart.
breathe wide and big.
feel your chest and your ribcage expand.

notice that feeling.
be-ing in your heart.
the beauty of simply enjoying your breath.
the joy of feeling your heart.

allow your eyes to open and notice what's changed. 


beauty is all around. 
in every face. every handshake. everyone who's gaze meets ours.
but first we connect to it in ourselves. 
through our breath. 
through our hearts.
it's how we choose to see our world.
and ourselves.


i'm committing myself this year to seeing beauty at each turn.
in all things. all beings. all situations. 
good and bad. 
scary and tumultuous.
and those moments when there's so much joy i think my heart will beat out of my chest.


i'm also committing to capacity.
capacity to see god(dess) / the beloved / the spark of life
in all things.
all beings. 

beauty + strength.


and with that commitment to capacity --
capacity to love, to push, to soften.
comes the capacity to strengthen.

lets find ways to be stronger together.

the magic of serving others


dearest community,

happy halfway point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. 

these past few days there's been a heightened sense of change in the air. it's making me feel light, active and curious. we're in preparation for the winter season, a time when we need to retreat, turn inward and rest. as we're journeying there, we're working our soil to ensure there's plenty of nutrients for the coming winter. 

november feels full of possibility. it's not winter just yet and so there's this T I M E we have to do what needs to be done -- our work of keeping things clean and clear and working well; our bodies, our minds, our spirits. and if there's something that's missing, our life is still fertile enough to plant something new. to reassess and make space for what's needed. we're capable of still tilling our soil and adding in the nutrients we need to withstand winter. we're also able to rake out the dead material that is no longer providing nutrients. maybe it's roots just taking up space but not nourishing us in any way...

are there parts of your world you should turn over to the compost bin?

do you feel it's time to sift through your soil and reassess?

what does your life look like?

is it full of what you love?

what lights you up?

are you being inspired by the people around you?

by your work?

be honest with yourself. willing to make the changes. speak sweetly but firmly. it's time to be your own healer, medicine woman/man. make sure you're feeling whole and full by what (AND WHO) you've surrounded yourself with. and if you're not -- if you feel as though you're not receiving enough from life and the ones around you, remember that giving of ourselves is the surest way to feel full. 


this weekend i'm diving in to the seat of the student with some continuing education in Radiant Child Yoga. last night was our first session and as I made my way back home I was overcome by a feeling of doing exactly what my path had asked of me. there's nothing more settling and yet exhilarating than that feeling. walking our path. eyes wide. hearts cracked open. ready and willing to learn and serve. 

it's a message i'm getting a lot of lately. that i'm surrounded by a community of people who's purpose is to serve others. in the way they were meant to. all with different gifts and skills and trades. but sure on one thing in particular -- serving their community is serving themselves. it's serving their purpose. it's growing the capacity of their hearts and cementing the idea that loving-kindness is the way. 

today, tomorrow and every day after... i am bowing to you. my teachers. my friends. my inspirations.


falling back in


∙ falling back in ∙

fall seems to arrive at many different times for us.  the chill in the air.  the cool mornings when we grab a sweater before we walk out the door.  evenings with the windows open, letting the breeze flow in.  
this morning a school bus came down our cul-de-sac.  
and although we have another few weeks before it's truly autumn, we feel her wave beginning to crash over us.  we are planning our schedules, putting our kids in school and getting ourselves back into our routines.

i too am diving back into my more diligent schedule.  adding more.  spreading myself out to explore new territory.  we're coming full circle on our lives as we're ushered into a new season.  for thomas and i it's an opportunity to look back on all that's happened in this past year.  all the ways we've grown.  overcome.  stretched ourselves.  
the ebb and flow of our lives is a beauty to witness.  my heart pulses with the memories of getting engaged, buying our house, making it our home.  settling in.  always.  over and over again.  settling in.

i have this beautiful butterfly bush that thomas and our friend brian brought me when we first bought our house.  i had mentioned wanting a butterfly bush.  it's reminiscent of my roots in ohio.  my dear friend lonnie of equinox botanicalshas this gorgeous butterfly bush that's always a hub for spring and summer life.  i have so may memories of walking past and gazing in awe at the community that gathers here.  having my own outside my kitchen window serves as a votex to bring me back to all that i hold so dear.  the idea that through nourishing ourselves we build community.  a community that's so incredibly diverse it would bring a woman outside her kitchen window to witness it's beauty.
most afternoons i find my way outside just to watch.  to stand with my feet on the earth and bask in all the sounds of life.  there's just so much of it.  life.   


in these last moments of summer, i invite you to find your own butterfly bush.  maybe it's your favorite tree, your bird bath, the ocean.  take yourself out in nature just to witness.  be reminded of how life depends on community.  community that's built around the idea of nourishment.  appreciation.  reverence for the natural world.  find what you love and watch it.  invite it in.  journal about it.  draw.  paint.  collage.  let it be your inspiration for this new season.  how the world around us loves.


Honoring Descent

"Thank you for this stunning day of opportunity to stand at the well.  Starting down into the hollow tunnel, let us feel the fear of what awaits.  Let us lean over the edge, knowing that you hold the holden rope and let us fall..."

Dive deep with me this season.

F A L L ●●●● I N

Kids Yoga in Sea Cliff

Beginning September 26th:
Tuesdays 4:45pm
12 Week Series
Ages 7-13

Finding time to P A U S E

I'm always looking for the ways in which I can better support myself.  A pause for me is essential, for without it all the mechanisms that allow me to function just dead stop.  My community and my shared practice are some of those ways I make time for my pause.  
I've been practicing more and more at  Gritty Buddha in Glen Cove and I'm blown away by the community that's formed inside those walls.  Breathing and sweating and settling together in a shared space is one of the greatest medicines we're offered.  
Take it my friends.
If you find yourself needing a little nourishment, medicine for the soul or just time to settle and feel connected, reach out to what's around you and make the space for it in your life.  Whether it's a walk with a friend, a bike ride, a yoga class, a meditation class... Give yourself the gift of  S P A C E... 


New classes and subbing...

This Saturday (8/12) I'm subbing for both Maria Temidis and Patti Mataska -- both at RADD fitness in Glen Head.  

9:30-10:30 and 10:45-noon.
If you're interested in coming and have questions, feel free to shoot me an email back.

For my full list of classes...

Click here


New Offerings:
Regina Smith and I will be sharing the Wednesday evening slot at
Gritty Buddha:
 Foundation Flow
from 6-7pm

Come prepared to sweat, settle and breath.  Any questions, just ask...

This fall I will also be offering a Kids Yoga Class at Westways Sanctuary for children ages 7-13.  Space is limited.  If you're interested please reach out.

Last, but certainly not least...

I'm teaching at CAMP YOGA this summer in upstate New York.  If you're free the weekend of August 18th, give yourself the gift of this awesome experience.  

Click Here for More Info

Taking Care of Ourself

As I'm sitting here writing this, it's gray, cold and drizzling.  We know that warm sunshine is just around the corner and so we keep faith that although today feels cool and dark, the spring/summer season is fully upon us. 

I know many of you spent you weekend in the same way I did -- outside, planting flowers and vegetables and herbs.  It felt so good to be outside, warm sunshine all around me, hands in the dirt.  It's soothing.  It's comforting. 

We finish a weekend like that feeling full.  Whether it's from working outside in your garden or spending time with family and friends making food and sharing stories.  We find that ways that provide us with SOUL-nourishment and do our best to incorporate them.  

Yoga and meditation are just that.  

Now is the time to gift yourself the practice of SELF COMPASSION.  Take care of yourself, in the sweetest community imaginable.

There are 5 opportunities EACH WEEK:

MONDAY 9:30-10:30am (Locust Valley Library)
MONDAY 5:30-6:30pm (LVL)

WEDNESDAY 9:20-10:20am (Bayville Library)

THURSDAY 5:30-6:30pm (LVL)

FRIDAY 9:20-10:20am (BL)

*new series are starting next week,
if you are interested call ASAP as space is filling up fast.





As some of us begin to shift to a new schedule, our time opens up and we're able to add in new activities we've been meaning to try all year: YOGA + MEDITATION!

The community we have created at both the Locust Valley Library and the Bayville Library are incredible and we are always welcoming new friends.


the 2nd thursday of every month, I host a sweet mediation circle from9:30-10:30 at the Locust Valley Library.  each session we explore a different meditation which is accessible to ANYONE and EVERYONE.  if you've never meditated before, this is your circle! if you're an avid meditator, this is your circle!  chairs are provided, if that's a more comfortable option.  otherwise, please bring a yoga mat, cushion to sit on and blanket.

Next Session is THURSDAY June 8th
$5 exchange

Come relax with us...

all my love

the curiosity of light

We've Sprouted Through

Everywhere around us we're getting the message that spring is here.  It's in the smell of the air, the crisp wet grass, the sound of the birds chattering amongst themselves, the warm sunshine and the cooling rain.  It's definitive.  There's no question.  Spring is here.

I've been sharing a lot about our ability to gather information from the outside world and use it to inform our practice.  Our practice can always be our salve, as it has the ability to transform and completely adapt with each season, each month, even each hour of our day, depending on the information we're receiving.  As we tune in more and dive deeper into our practice, our antenna becomes more acutely aware of everything around it -- seen and unseen -- and our practice becomes less about expectation and more about meeting the moment -- meeting ourself, exactly where we are, with exactly what we need.

How are you honoring your moments?  What steps are you taking to make sure you're taking the time to tune in -- to yourself and the world around you?  We have so much in our chests of magic, so many tools passed down from teachers and friends.  How are we utilizing them?

Take some time this week / weekend to honor your moments.  Take a walk outside and feel the warm sun on your face.  Or on the rainy days, curl up with your journal, your favorite book or your water colors.  Try to spend less time thinking about the next step and just fall in rhythm with the current.  See where she takes you.  

We have the opportunity now to harness all this spring energy -- the energy of creativity and resurrection.  It's a time to let the wheels spin and trust your process.  Yes, trust your process and trust your movements.  You know exactly where you need to be and what you need to be doing.  Give yourself the space to make it happen and the faith and trust that it will.  

Upcoming Workshops

This spring I will begin hosting seasonal yoga workshops.  These will be opportunities for us to align with the natural world to better support ourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  These will be offered at both the Locust Valley Library and the Bayville Library.  If you are interested in attending these workshops, please reach out.  More information to follow.

United We Om

The Non-Proft Organization that is changing the face of yoga and meditation  -- and I couldn't be more excited to be apart of it.
More Information


What does a YOGI look like?

Community Yoga

If you are in any of my library classes, you know there is an incredible community we have formed.  There are still a few spaces left - click here for more information.

I cannot wait to see you -- each of you.  In class, at the health food store, or on a walk.  I am here to support you, totally and completely.   

My deepest love,
Morgan Rose

Beginners Yoga

In 2015, it feels like everyone is doing yoga - or at least talking about it.  There's hot yoga,  power yoga, fusions of yoga and pilates... the list goes on.  It can be intimidating if you're one of those people who've never - I mean, never, ever - done yoga before.  

When I first started teaching yoga, I realized there was a large population of people who weren't being served adequately in yoga classes; I realized that many of the 'basics' or 'fundamental' yoga classes weren't tailored to people who had never unrolled a yoga mat or weren't in tip-top shape.  I wanted to create a Beginners' Yoga Class that was intended for those of us who had no idea what "Tadasana" was or how to survive an hour-long class breathing solely through their noses.  This challenge encouraged me to deconstruct my own practice to really get down to the basics - thus, my Beginners' classes were created!

Over the years, my Beginners' Yoga classes have become some of my most rewarding classes - and also my most popular.  I believe it's because I've tapped into the magic that all of us are looking for -- the need to feel connected, the need to feel valued, and the realization that YOU are absolutely enough.

I invite you to come and experience for yourself what the whole world is talking about -- ESPECIALLY if you are feeling self-conscious; ESPECIALLY if you are feeling vulnerable and scared; ESPECIALLY if you are feeling as though you can't do it.  If you are looking to connect to yourself in a deeper way and to feel more balanced, more loving and more clear in body, mind + heart, this is the perfect class for you.


all my love,

morgan rose 

you are supported

The sun shines bright to fill you up

The rain pours down from the heavens - to wash away your sorrows and pains

The moon moves in gentle cycles to remind you of your own

The earth speaks softly :: listen close


You are supported

By the earth beneath your feet

By the heavens above you

By your sisters and brothers // Mothers and Fathers

Earthly and celestial


All of our answers are available to us

We need only to listen

With the ears of the goddess

With the heart of our divine intelligence


The silent whispers of the winds

Reminding us to remember

How powerful we truly are


[originally published february 2013]

Autumn // Samhain


For many of us, this is our favorite time of the year.  The weather gets cooler + we are still blessed with beautiful warm sun.  Our diet changes, as we tend to consume warmer, more grounding foods + more of it.  It’s a time to retire the swimsuits + unpack the sweaters; the crispness autumn begins to blow in, reminding us of the winter to come.  We’re drawn to the outdoors - to witness the change of everything around us.  Trees + shrubs begin their descent back into the earth, while first changing in color to reflect the warmth we’re looking for.  All things seems to move in transition to reflect more clearly the deep earth - browns, reds, oranges.  

There are many reasons I love autumn.  One of them being Halloween.  I grew up very connected to Halloween - dressing up in costumes, playing outside + feeling a little bit more magical.  Halloween was always a time of deep magic + enchantment; a time when my imagination + creativity were free to run wild.  It is also an opportunity to be more expressive + creative in the way we present ourselves.  Halloween or “Samhain” (meaning the first day of November, celebrated by the ancient Celts as a festival marking the beginning of winter) is a time to look to the future + allow your costume to reflect what it is you’re hoping your new year to look like — meaning, if we want to be beautiful and ensure that our spiritual journey through life has power + sweetness we dress like a butterfly or a Faery Queen; if we want to experience more confidence + strength, we could dress like a wolf or a bear.  Now, doesn’t that sounds like fun?  


Navigating Gracefully


According to ayurveda (the sister science of yoga), autumn is known as the season of wind - it is dry, rough, erratic, cold + irregular.  As with any transition, we are required to pause + create new patterns to keep our lives (body, mind, spirit) balanced.  When we’re out of balance in the autumn we can tend to feel aches + pains in the joints + low back; dryness, stiffness + coldness in the joints + muscles; bursts of energy followed by deep depletion; we may also feel ungrounded + mentally restless… Luckily there are plenty of ways to balance ourselves as we move into a new season.  

Our yoga practice is encouraged to change as we move from summer to fall.  We are encouraged to create WARMTH, SERENITY + NOURISHMENT in our practice, as well as…

  • Practice at a SLOW, SMOOTH + STEADY pace.
  • Focus on the foundation of the pose to create STABILITY.
  • Stay connected to the EARTH + ground down through the feet.
  • Stay WARM.
  • Lengthen SAVASANA.

Meditation is also integral to staying balanced + steady.  Meditation provides us with a carved out piece of our day to pause + connect; to get quiet + listen.  So much about staying graceful + balanced is our own ability to listen to our inner needs—meditation provides us that opportunity.  

A calming, soothing + steady pranayama practice is also highly encouraged to keep us balanced through the fall.


Join me for autumn inspired practices.

I look forward to having you in the room.


with love + gratitude,

morgan rose

Warm Spiced Almond Milk 


½ cup Almond Milk

½ cup water

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp cardamom

pinch of tumeric

pinch of pink himalayan sea salt

Warm milk + water.  

Add spices + salt.

Enjoy warm or room temperature.