dearest community,

happy halfway point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. 

these past few days there's been a heightened sense of change in the air. it's making me feel light, active and curious. we're in preparation for the winter season, a time when we need to retreat, turn inward and rest. as we're journeying there, we're working our soil to ensure there's plenty of nutrients for the coming winter. 

november feels full of possibility. it's not winter just yet and so there's this T I M E we have to do what needs to be done -- our work of keeping things clean and clear and working well; our bodies, our minds, our spirits. and if there's something that's missing, our life is still fertile enough to plant something new. to reassess and make space for what's needed. we're capable of still tilling our soil and adding in the nutrients we need to withstand winter. we're also able to rake out the dead material that is no longer providing nutrients. maybe it's roots just taking up space but not nourishing us in any way...

are there parts of your world you should turn over to the compost bin?

do you feel it's time to sift through your soil and reassess?

what does your life look like?

is it full of what you love?

what lights you up?

are you being inspired by the people around you?

by your work?

be honest with yourself. willing to make the changes. speak sweetly but firmly. it's time to be your own healer, medicine woman/man. make sure you're feeling whole and full by what (AND WHO) you've surrounded yourself with. and if you're not -- if you feel as though you're not receiving enough from life and the ones around you, remember that giving of ourselves is the surest way to feel full. 


this weekend i'm diving in to the seat of the student with some continuing education in Radiant Child Yoga. last night was our first session and as I made my way back home I was overcome by a feeling of doing exactly what my path had asked of me. there's nothing more settling and yet exhilarating than that feeling. walking our path. eyes wide. hearts cracked open. ready and willing to learn and serve. 

it's a message i'm getting a lot of lately. that i'm surrounded by a community of people who's purpose is to serve others. in the way they were meant to. all with different gifts and skills and trades. but sure on one thing in particular -- serving their community is serving themselves. it's serving their purpose. it's growing the capacity of their hearts and cementing the idea that loving-kindness is the way. 

today, tomorrow and every day after... i am bowing to you. my teachers. my friends. my inspirations.