∙ falling back in ∙

fall seems to arrive at many different times for us.  the chill in the air.  the cool mornings when we grab a sweater before we walk out the door.  evenings with the windows open, letting the breeze flow in.  
this morning a school bus came down our cul-de-sac.  
and although we have another few weeks before it's truly autumn, we feel her wave beginning to crash over us.  we are planning our schedules, putting our kids in school and getting ourselves back into our routines.

i too am diving back into my more diligent schedule.  adding more.  spreading myself out to explore new territory.  we're coming full circle on our lives as we're ushered into a new season.  for thomas and i it's an opportunity to look back on all that's happened in this past year.  all the ways we've grown.  overcome.  stretched ourselves.  
the ebb and flow of our lives is a beauty to witness.  my heart pulses with the memories of getting engaged, buying our house, making it our home.  settling in.  always.  over and over again.  settling in.

i have this beautiful butterfly bush that thomas and our friend brian brought me when we first bought our house.  i had mentioned wanting a butterfly bush.  it's reminiscent of my roots in ohio.  my dear friend lonnie of equinox botanicalshas this gorgeous butterfly bush that's always a hub for spring and summer life.  i have so may memories of walking past and gazing in awe at the community that gathers here.  having my own outside my kitchen window serves as a votex to bring me back to all that i hold so dear.  the idea that through nourishing ourselves we build community.  a community that's so incredibly diverse it would bring a woman outside her kitchen window to witness it's beauty.
most afternoons i find my way outside just to watch.  to stand with my feet on the earth and bask in all the sounds of life.  there's just so much of it.  life.   


in these last moments of summer, i invite you to find your own butterfly bush.  maybe it's your favorite tree, your bird bath, the ocean.  take yourself out in nature just to witness.  be reminded of how life depends on community.  community that's built around the idea of nourishment.  appreciation.  reverence for the natural world.  find what you love and watch it.  invite it in.  journal about it.  draw.  paint.  collage.  let it be your inspiration for this new season.  how the world around us loves.


Honoring Descent

"Thank you for this stunning day of opportunity to stand at the well.  Starting down into the hollow tunnel, let us feel the fear of what awaits.  Let us lean over the edge, knowing that you hold the holden rope and let us fall..."

Dive deep with me this season.

F A L L ●●●● I N

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Tuesdays 4:45pm
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