I'm always looking for the ways in which I can better support myself.  A pause for me is essential, for without it all the mechanisms that allow me to function just dead stop.  My community and my shared practice are some of those ways I make time for my pause.  
I've been practicing more and more at  Gritty Buddha in Glen Cove and I'm blown away by the community that's formed inside those walls.  Breathing and sweating and settling together in a shared space is one of the greatest medicines we're offered.  
Take it my friends.
If you find yourself needing a little nourishment, medicine for the soul or just time to settle and feel connected, reach out to what's around you and make the space for it in your life.  Whether it's a walk with a friend, a bike ride, a yoga class, a meditation class... Give yourself the gift of  S P A C E... 


New classes and subbing...

This Saturday (8/12) I'm subbing for both Maria Temidis and Patti Mataska -- both at RADD fitness in Glen Head.  

9:30-10:30 and 10:45-noon.
If you're interested in coming and have questions, feel free to shoot me an email back.

For my full list of classes...

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New Offerings:
Regina Smith and I will be sharing the Wednesday evening slot at
Gritty Buddha:
 Foundation Flow
from 6-7pm

Come prepared to sweat, settle and breath.  Any questions, just ask...

This fall I will also be offering a Kids Yoga Class at Westways Sanctuary for children ages 7-13.  Space is limited.  If you're interested please reach out.

Last, but certainly not least...

I'm teaching at CAMP YOGA this summer in upstate New York.  If you're free the weekend of August 18th, give yourself the gift of this awesome experience.  

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