i've been using this (^) above quote like a road map.

it keeps me in check with myself. it keeps me grounded and clear on what's important and what isn't. 
i keeps my sonar running. searching. drawing myself to those that keep my heart wide and safe. 

"i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow"

it has a lot to do with discernment.

i love this idea. i love this as a skill. as a tool we bring into our lives to better care for ourselves. 
to use discernment properly, we have to know ourselves. deep down. we have to be able to listen well. to hear what our body needs, to see how our breath is responding. and to appropriately provide the space or the salve. 

making the right choices.

owning our energy. owning our needs. owning what works and what doesn't. when something doesn't feel like a fair exchange. when we're searching and searching and searching and... ping. our sonar picks something up. we know. 

i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow. 
i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow.
i trust myself to know my self.
i trust myself to know my growth.
i trust myself to seek my growth.

trusting ourself to find that tribe. that community. those faces in the crowd whose thread of gold connects to ours. 


and here we are on the other side of February...
diving head first into the most watery season of them all. 
march is hyper-sensitive, hyper-emotional, hyper-porous. everything makes its way in. no feeling is left unfelt. our hearts are left unguarded. 

i trust the ones who are always seeking to grow.

give yourself permission to take it slow. 
to feel it out.
to make space and time for response and reaction.
be okay with saying no. not now. not today.
and also be okay with saying yes. 
with saying thank you.
i'm grateful for you.
i love you.
i'm sorry.
give praise where it feels right and good.
show with your actions and words how much your community means to you.
we're all feeling a little more cracked open, yes. 
sensitive, yes.
use that as an opportunity to make something FELT.
to make something FELT.
to make something F E L T.

and trust.
yourself above all else.

all of my love -- ALL OF IT.
morgan rose