very little grows on jagged rock.
be grounded. be crumbled.
so wildflowers will come up
where you are.
you have been stony for too many years.
try something different.


today, take a moment to look around you. 
in the mirror.
at the sky.
out your window.
let your eyes close and breathe.

now see inside.

allow your awareness to drop into your heart.
your breath.
drops into you heart.
breathe wide and big.
feel your chest and your ribcage expand.

notice that feeling.
be-ing in your heart.
the beauty of simply enjoying your breath.
the joy of feeling your heart.

allow your eyes to open and notice what's changed. 


beauty is all around. 
in every face. every handshake. everyone who's gaze meets ours.
but first we connect to it in ourselves. 
through our breath. 
through our hearts.
it's how we choose to see our world.
and ourselves.


i'm committing myself this year to seeing beauty at each turn.
in all things. all beings. all situations. 
good and bad. 
scary and tumultuous.
and those moments when there's so much joy i think my heart will beat out of my chest.


i'm also committing to capacity.
capacity to see god(dess) / the beloved / the spark of life
in all things.
all beings. 

beauty + strength.


and with that commitment to capacity --
capacity to love, to push, to soften.
comes the capacity to strengthen.

lets find ways to be stronger together.