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Beginners Yoga

In 2015, it feels like everyone is doing yoga - or at least talking about it.  There's hot yoga,  power yoga, fusions of yoga and pilates... the list goes on.  It can be intimidating if you're one of those people who've never - I mean, never, ever - done yoga before.  

When I first started teaching yoga, I realized there was a large population of people who weren't being served adequately in yoga classes; I realized that many of the 'basics' or 'fundamental' yoga classes weren't tailored to people who had never unrolled a yoga mat or weren't in tip-top shape.  I wanted to create a Beginners' Yoga Class that was intended for those of us who had no idea what "Tadasana" was or how to survive an hour-long class breathing solely through their noses.  This challenge encouraged me to deconstruct my own practice to really get down to the basics - thus, my Beginners' classes were created!

Over the years, my Beginners' Yoga classes have become some of my most rewarding classes - and also my most popular.  I believe it's because I've tapped into the magic that all of us are looking for -- the need to feel connected, the need to feel valued, and the realization that YOU are absolutely enough.

I invite you to come and experience for yourself what the whole world is talking about -- ESPECIALLY if you are feeling self-conscious; ESPECIALLY if you are feeling vulnerable and scared; ESPECIALLY if you are feeling as though you can't do it.  If you are looking to connect to yourself in a deeper way and to feel more balanced, more loving and more clear in body, mind + heart, this is the perfect class for you.


all my love,

morgan rose